Explore+CONFIDENTLY.jpgHere at The LUXE TRAVELLER we pride ourselves on our impartiality. When we stay at a property we will scrutinise every little detail and review it as if we were spending our own dosh on staying there (and sometimes we have).

We understand that you, the luxe or top end traveller are time, if not money poor, and want the best, always!

Why waste your time reading magazines and trawling numerous sites on the internet. When you want or need to go somewhere you come to us to find out where and what to book. Done!

We are a one-stop shop. If we haven’t been there, done that, we’ll refer you to one of our select preferred group of elite luxury trusted travel sites or luxury travel booking sites to either read all about it or get it done. Booked!

And although you are not money poor you appreciate value and quality and hate forking out for below par accommodation, food and services. You come to us, as the experts, to give you honest impartial advice – always. The places we review, will be happy when we lavish praise and unhappy when we don’t. If we do find fault we’ll either tell you or just not list the property. Too bad, that sucks, but we hold your interests at heart. In most cases, The LUXE TRAVELLER has done its homework upfront and we will only go places and review properties, destinations and restaurants that we are expecting to live up to our high standards. If you find you disagree with any of our findings, let us know. That is the point of LEAVE A REVIEW form at the end of each post.

Let’s face it. Everyone’s different. One man’s meat is poison is another’s poison….so we welcome your input. Keep it nice though. Remember, when you are tempted to slag off a property, was it something to do with your own personal experience, your mood at the time??? or was it really that bad?

Think of The LUXE TRAVELLER as a bit like Trip Advisor for the top end. We hope that our advice and reviews together with your your input and feedback will help and act as a guide to others.

1 And if you’re planning a trip and would like our help you can ask our advice. To chat one on one and ask a question on where to go, where to stay and what to do, then go here and book a time to chat on your travel plans and enlist our travel expertise:   https://t.co/xdDU4NY7V0

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